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Still confused about why 22K gold is better than 24K gold, and will you lose more value when selling 24K Gold Jewellery?

Gold was discovered thousands of years ago and has since been one rust-resistant, corrosion-resistant, and non-tarnish precious metal associated with prestige and honour. The 24K/999 Finesse refers to the purest gold in a natural form, making it ductile (ability to be drawn into wires) and most malleable (ability to be hammered into sheets) metal. Many products, such as ornaments and jewellery derived from gold, differ in the purity of gold. 


Before we head into which karat gold is better, let me explain to you what karat is; karat or K is the term used to measure the purity of gold. The higher the karat, the higher the purity of gold. It is measured on a scale of 0 to 24. Hence 24k gold is the purest one. Though it is the purest one, it is also the softest among other karat gold as it is pure gold. The most common ones are 24K and 22K. 


In 22k gold, 22 parts out of 24 are pure gold, and the other two parts are metals like silver, zinc or another alloy. These metals make the texture of gold harder and the jewellery durable. Soft gold like 24k gold will not be able to take much physical pressure, and thus the jewellery will lose its full beauty soon. 


Since 24K gold is soft, the gold weight of 24K Gold Jewellery, like the Pendant on the chain, loses more weight due to friction between the Pendant and Chain when worn regularly compared to 22K gold. Therefore, depreciation in selling your old 22k jewellery will also be comparatively lower. Also, 22k gold jewellery is more affordable than 24k gold.

Let’s take an example of making Jewellery (Necklace) with 22K and 24K gold and see which one has more loss when selling back.


For a Necklace with a weight of 100 grams with the gold rate of AUD 85 per gram for 24K and AUD 78 per gram for 22K


Price of 100grams 24K gold jewellery is:100grams * AUD 85 per gram = AUD 8500

Approximate Making charge with 10% will be 10grams *AUD 85 per gram = AUD 850

When you sell this Necklace, and if the gold rate is AUD 85, then you will be losing, making a charge of AUD 850


Now let’s see how much you will lose when selling a 22K gold Necklace with the same weight of 100grams.


Price of 100grams 22K gold jewellery is 100grams * AUD 78 per gram = AUD 7800

Approximate Making charge with 10% will be 10grams *AUD 78 per gram = AUD 780

Here you will lose only AUD 780 if you sell back.


With 22K Gold Jewellery, you can get:

1)    High finishing 22K Gold Jewellery with less price (which is AUD 7800 in compared to   AUD 8500 for 24K).

2)    Lose less making a charge in 22K Gold Jewellery in compared to 24K Gold (AUD 780 for 22K and AUD 850 in 24K Gold Jewellery for above example.)

3)    Less depreciation in 22K Gold than 24K Gold overtime.

4)    22K Gold Jewellery is more durable and affordable compared to 24K

Please browse through our RB Diamond Jewellers 22k gold jewellery collections. Come into our showroom or shop online with us and get your item delivered to you.