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Diamond Mangalsutra

Do you consider your style in necklaces elegant, classy, and cutting-edge? Then our diamond mangalsutra is just the piece for you!

Our fully customisable beauty is a definite neck-turner guaranteed to make you stand out on all occasions. The endless possibilities range from a corporate office look to a fancy wedding affair.

This article explores the origin of the diamond mangalsutra, where to find it, and why RB Diamond Jewellers is the top choice for all your jewellery needs. Read More... 


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The Origin of the Diamond Mangalsutra

The origin of the mangalsutra dates back to the 6th century AD in South India. In its earliest form, a single yellow thread with a silver pendant was tied around a bride’s neck and was believed to protect her from the evil eye. As time went by, this simple piece of bridal jewellery evolved into the beautiful diamond pendant mangalsutra.


Where Can I Buy the Diamond Mangalsutra ?

The answer is RB Diamond Jewellers. Proudly known as Nepal’s top leading diamond business, our state-of-the-art jewellery factory symbolises trust, pride, creativity, and quality all under one roof.

Alternatively, you can shop for the diamond mangalsutra online.


Why You Should Choose RB Diamond Jewellers ?

Other than having impeccable standards of excellence and class, here are the reasons that make RB Diamond Jewellers the top choice:

  •     Return Policy

Our friendly and flexible policy allows our customers to send the jewellery and invoice back to our Nepal factory for exchange or sale.

  •     Custom Orders

Your wish is our command. No matter how intricate your preferred design is, our team is willing and well-able to customise it to your liking.

  •     Six-Stage Quality Control

Quality checks at every level, from the initial stage of manufacturing to the final output in the form of a finished product, ensure that all our attempts pay off and enable us to live up to the expectations of our valued customers.

  •     Accessibility

Running a virtual store, we are accessible across Australia, including Victoria, Tasmania, and Queensland. Worry not; you can easily purchase your diamond mangalsutra online from our website.


Everybody Needs One

The diamond mangalsutra is easily the most diverse and bespoke statement piece every woman should own. RB Diamond Jewellers is the ultimate plug for this and all other jewellery needs. Contact us today, and we’ll make your dreams come true.