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Why do married women were mangalsutra?

As the wedding season is around the corner, let’s know about the importance of mangalsutra for women. “Mangalsutra”, which the groom firstly knots on the bride’s neck, is a piece of jewellery worn after marriage. Mangalsutra is also known as a holy or sacred piece of jewellery. The word “mangal” refers to sacred, and “sutra” refers to thread. The black beads in Mangalsutra are believed in absorbing all the negative energy of the environment before it reaches the women who wear them.
In contrast, it is believed that the mangalsutra is worn for the husband’s well-being. Hindu women especially wear Mangalsutras, but now it has also been worn by other religious women. Recently modern women have been wearing simple diamond mangalsutra as a trendy fashion with their everyday wear. In contrast, some women also prefer to wear mangalsutra as a bracelet or ring as well.

Diamond Mangalsutra Designs:
Diamond mangalsutra are in trend these days as many women prefer diamond mangalsutra over others. Modern women mostly prefer simple diamond mangalsutra with small diamond designs, or some also like diamond bracelets as a piece of jewellery to flaunt as a married woman. As time passes, women mostly prefer wearable mangalsutra on a daily basis and mangalsutra, which also fits in modern wears like jeans and kinds of stuff. Some designers come up with a unique piece of mangalsutra designs, whereas some are similar in most of the jewellery stores available. In RB Diamond, we have different designs available in fancy full diamond mangalsutra, rhombus full diamond mangalsutra, drop woman diamond mangalsutra, sun moon diamond mangalsutra and many more unique mangalsutra designs options to choose from. We RB Diamond mostly use diamond with SI clarity; the average diamond colour is I-J, and the gold karat used is 18k gold.

Diamond mangalsutra price range:
Diamond mangalsutra price differs according to the mangalsutra designs, total diamond carat weight, diamond clarity, diamond colour and gold used in it. Simple diamond mangalsutra costs lower than other mangalsutra, which have more diamond used in mangalsutra. However, in RB Diamond, we have a different range starting from AU$1270 to AU$5150. Many women prefer simple design mangalsutra at an affordable price, but some prefer to get in heavy designs.
In today’s context, the Diamond mangalsutra is loved by so many women; most women now prefer diamond mangalsutra then gold one. Some women also provide custom designs and ask for the jewellery shop to make them accordingly. The latest diamond mangalsutra is easily available in our store in Sydney, Australia and on our website as well. Customers can easily purchase from our website without any hassle with just a few clicks on it as we deliver Australia wide with free shipping with purchases above AU$500.